Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ohk here is what I have to say, the movie was great no matter what others had to say. The sets were superb. Ranbirs’ acting was marvellous though sonams was a bit down the mark in front of Ranbir still she managed to grab some attention. Salman was a Rockstar as always inspite of his being a side character. Even rani did a great job as Gulabji. The sets were worth it. Though the story failed to convey itself properly wished if sakina aka sonam would have been with Ranbeer Raj. Overall a good movie but thanks to the not-so-appealing story the movie dint work much. Though the Direction was worth appreciating so on ten the movie-meter will give :
Acting- 8

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Amazing video, i have ever seen

If these can make it why cant we, why should we stay back talking about them instead utilize this time in working up more and becoming the talk it self instead of taking part in there talks [:D]....complicated but simple

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bald Eagle Delisted: ScienCentral Reports

If this can workd up..then i think we can help all the endangered species to come out of the lewts help our endangered beings to get out of the "to-be-extinctinct" zone

Thursday, July 12, 2007

NO..learn to say this word

its very common wen a frend asks for a help and we cant say a no.....infact according to a magazine,toddlers very easily refuse to anythign they dont wanna do as compared to us adults. Saying no does not mean insulting some one ,it is a pure gesture to convey to the person your boundries and limitations to tht specific thing. If tyou cant perform it dont say yes because the moment you say ye to something the expectation increases and the person becomes dependent on you so next time learn to say no if you want to...just a flat 'no'

Saturday, July 7, 2007


This is the dipiction of [b]"TAJ-MAHAL"[/b] by [b]kevork abadjian[/b.... litle did we know that the same taj would be considered in one of the seven new wonders of the world....good on...congratulations!!!!!!!!. Well aprat from the seven wonders..even bipasha basu was looking amazing with an equisite saree but who would consideer human-beauty in front of the historical-monument which just won the highest number of votes and got a place in the new seven wonders....

If virus were to affect obesity.....

Well... how to start this now....after the very famous HIV virus now it is heard tht a new virus called virus83/6 is expected to be the cause of obesity.. well if it is true then i think apart from the the virus-affected-fat person the thin and properly weighing person will have to worry cause it mite pass from the fat to the thin.Just chek the obesity-meter in the united states

So lets see what happens fingers crossed hope nothing like that occours [:D]


Ever heard you having an ipode, an internet excess and a phone altogether,that too while you are moving around,well presenting a master piece in its own self indeed the "i-Phone". To give a brief about its features,first it has ipode facilities,second it has internet excess third and most important it is a phone.SOme other high tech features also do exist like:multi-touch,OSx,wireless,sensors and what not.
For more logg on to-:

HIV-retreating slowly

Considering the latest news in local news paper out here in mumbai in India HIV cases have reduce to 50%. Number of cases in India curently is 2.47 millions...which is way too less then what was there last year,which was 5.2 millions.Way to go Indians.

But still we need to fight and reduce this even further so that one day our nation becomes lets be united and fight more then what we actually do to simply irradicate this dreadfull thing.