Friday, April 3, 2009


Here are certain facts about 49-o


I recieved this in one of the posts on orkut through my friend.... it is indeed a fascinating and very shocking thing to know that how just out of nowhere we recieve wierd emails and misleading informations and not only we trust them blindly but we also pass them blindly without atctually confirming the authenticity of that information. For instance 49-o actually means tht even if we decide not to vote needless of how many number of votes are under I do not wanna vote section and needless of it exceeding the number of votes won by a particular candidate standing for election, the candidate will win even with that less number of votes. What i mean to say is that say even if say 80% people in a particular ward or area wish to go for right to no vote and dont vote and the candidate ends up geting only 20% of total votes, the candidate still wins the election.

However through the sms's and diferent emails we recieved it so happens tht acordign to 49-o the pllz ar cancelled and the cadidate is found to be unfitt for a ticket to stand in elections anyfurther. WIsh this could be true but it is not true. The law just allows person to not vote legaly bt it doesnt in anywayy affect the jurisdiction or the election.

Go to and sighn the pettetion below to make this section worth it and bring abotu a difference..!!!

god bles you all