Friday, June 15, 2012

why i hate the human race!!

ok so I might have over-reacted a little when I said these exact words to a friend/colleague/enemy of mine : "I hate this entire human race."
So the thing is I hate those people around know the ones who just annoy you even if they are not doing anything... yeah those!! And I hate on top of it people who werent even involved suggestin me what to do... like yeah no-offence but back-off sunshine this ain't your zone!!
Its hard to except that people cant helpout but being poky about others matters... guess thats where the poke button in facebook came from. Like really cant you just wait for the person to come and ask you if he/she needs help..really!!... are you that snobish... (i hope dats the word cause if dat wasnt than it is now..yollo!!)
Not untill recently I realized that probably for a person like me who doesnt have balls to say no...or to man up and stand-up for himself, such poke-sters (yup made it up..get a life shakespere...) are sort of saviours.
But i guess people should really mind there own buisness ... though they should still learn to help out if they are asked.. in short shut-up till you are spoken to...(unless theres an emergency ofcourse...duh!!)
.... for now dats all folks!
this is first of my officially-watever-dont-care posts...

[P.S : I approove this message and officially tag this as a fictitiuos outlook towards world that my brain develops when I am frustrated..... I am a human too get over it meh!]