Friday, June 15, 2012

why i hate the human race!!

ok so I might have over-reacted a little when I said these exact words to a friend/colleague/enemy of mine : "I hate this entire human race."
So the thing is I hate those people around know the ones who just annoy you even if they are not doing anything... yeah those!! And I hate on top of it people who werent even involved suggestin me what to do... like yeah no-offence but back-off sunshine this ain't your zone!!
Its hard to except that people cant helpout but being poky about others matters... guess thats where the poke button in facebook came from. Like really cant you just wait for the person to come and ask you if he/she needs help..really!!... are you that snobish... (i hope dats the word cause if dat wasnt than it is now..yollo!!)
Not untill recently I realized that probably for a person like me who doesnt have balls to say no...or to man up and stand-up for himself, such poke-sters (yup made it up..get a life shakespere...) are sort of saviours.
But i guess people should really mind there own buisness ... though they should still learn to help out if they are asked.. in short shut-up till you are spoken to...(unless theres an emergency ofcourse...duh!!)
.... for now dats all folks!
this is first of my officially-watever-dont-care posts...

[P.S : I approove this message and officially tag this as a fictitiuos outlook towards world that my brain develops when I am frustrated..... I am a human too get over it meh!]

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

and she walked away.....

"Are you a musician?"... I asked this girl I was talking to online. She talked about a concert she was gonna perform at and left an image on my im with a piece of lyrics of the song she was gonna cover that night.

"smile" by uncle cracker...the song that was one of the few that touched my heart the moment I heard them on radio. One of those songs that remind me of my time back in india.

She wanted me to guess the song from a piece of lyrics she sent me...which I recognized after a little thinkin and googling, leaving her astonished as I being the only guy knowing that song.

Now I googled the song cause i cant remember lyrics as much as music. So moment I heard the song I went like oohh I have heard this last year on radio...back in India. Next think she says is "bye". Why... we clicked... I was honest ... than why... just cause I am not from here?

Well I dont know if you will ever read this but trust me I bet your fore-fathers werent from here either. Why is it soo difficult for people to digest that everyone has a sense of music.  I can only say that she missed out on something amazing that she just turned away cause of her racist beliefs.

I think music binds the world and probably you are just a band mate and yes you were right.... "You are not a musician  indeed....".


Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONY 2012 on Vimeo

i support.. so should you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

dear diary.... ya rite!

I was wondering today morning while watching this disney flick, is diary writing that much of a fun. I mean honestly as a kid I did try writing diary a few times but whenever I would start writing it I gave up on continuing it the next day. I always had this image that diaries are for girls... guys (stereotypes) dont need no diaries to share their feelings. It was untill now that I realized that it is for everyone.

So I decided to finaly start writing, but than I thought about my previous attempts to pen my life:epic failure, and figured out that I would rather use my phone to type in than to write. This post was written after typing in the first entry of latest of my many (failed) attempts of writting a diary.

It felt so good I could say whatever without being worried of offending anyone. I mean even if its a girl thing o something I dont see any harm in a guy wriiting his personal journal... I so enjoyed typing in that first entry. hope it continues.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

vlog and stuffs...

Recently I thought of shooting myself (not with a gun .... gosh seriuosly my blog isnt that annoying stfu meh!), and I was wondering if I should upload it on youtube. Anywho it done so no looking back now lol but I want you guys to check out my vlog ..... if it wrks i might strt postin more stuffs, not that i am sm big celeb o something, but just trying to reachout like everyone does.

heres the link

Saturday, January 28, 2012

...addiction...nd friction!

I always wondered how it is to be a part of an addiction. The idea of being so lost into something that you forget rest everything in the world makes me kinda curiuos. That high you get ... that never ending feeling to quench your need to an extend that it educes your darkside to the world, renders you vulnerable, making you look like a weak despo bitch.

I realised that since last few years I was already having an addiction, (not that 3 am hot coffee at dunkin...). Something that started off in order to make me social but instead ended up making me an antisocial slowly and gradually, texting. It was like that over the counter drug, available to the masses. I started getting hooked up to it like everyone. Than came the next level of addiction social networking, bringing with itself a different feeling of a need to be outstanding in what you "update". How you update was more important than what you update. Soon you are all over the world, yet so lost in keeping up to your "social network", that you loose touch with reality.

Than came a different world all together the world where texting collided with social networks, its like mixing marijuana with ganja (parden me for using drug names). Texting and networking with virtual society became a habbit and soon turned into a need so much so that u start thriving for responses. People around you sense your darkest self , no one cares to alert you they just ignore and move on. The emotional torture, that feeling of not being accepted by "friends" make you weaker and weaker.

I had reached my end point.. friction between my self and my frustrated friends was killing me from within. tried deactivating my social profiles, turning off my cellphones but got back in ten days (like staying clean for few months than starting to do drugs again). Failed in my career not like totally, lost confidence in my self everything came one after another. Thats when i realized that its enough if I dont act now I will never come out of this. So here I am deactivating most of my virtual self. Trying to look for a distruction button so that one press and kaboom! goes my addiction to socialize.



(ps: kindly avoid mistakes ...i am not a freakin shakespere so..nd ya this was posted frm my phn so if u see touchpad errors like spellin issues... deal with it nd move on bitch! thank you) 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what if the world does not end!

So I was at home having my morning tea thinking that 2012 is here, an epic year as it is believed to be the final year of our planet " as CALCULATED by few". Now for ones I never believed it because considering all science fiction till now and even will be unfair to them if we do not fulfill everything they showed us.

I mean common poor thing Nostradamus has predicted so many thing that are yet to be fulfilled (apparently there is a freaking strange...Nostradamus society of america....Nostradamus e-book online...what da!! ...OK! do not Google Nostradamus at all...... do check seems interesting to me)

For instance a lot of sci-fi's showed teleporting as a means of traveling....common I want to do no the world is not ending. On a serious note, word "END" can mean a lot of things......what if end of world has a different meaning...what if it means a total change, or a spiritual revelation. What if it is something like the black eyed peas quote in their song "boom-boom-pow" its an end of one world and beginning of other...(no they are not descendants of Nostradamus in no way are they nostra-grand-grand-babies!! so do not think that)

So what I am trying to say is let the moment decide what it holds for us..sometime predicting things gives us a lot of trouble and creates unnecessary confusions for no reason what so ever...why would someone want to predict end of a beautiful planet like earth... haven't we given the poor earth a hard time already by dwelling on it... stop scaring the shit out of her.. (#respect for mother nature). Anywho whether or not earth is ending this 12/21 is for "earth" to decide and not us. Lets just mind our own business and move on and party like never before (remember independence day the movie...everyone was on top of a building waiting for the green folks to suck them up...).

[PS:Information, websites and beliefs are not my personal views...I am not saying any of the things mentioned on the website.......secondly IMAGE CURTSY: and thirdly....peace I approve the blog post and do not account for truthfulness of contributions other than mine as even I don't know how true these websites are (no offense guys) .....finally too much of a fat note i enjoy and happy new year)]