Tuesday, May 29, 2012

and she walked away.....

"Are you a musician?"... I asked this girl I was talking to online. She talked about a concert she was gonna perform at and left an image on my im with a piece of lyrics of the song she was gonna cover that night.

"smile" by uncle cracker...the song that was one of the few that touched my heart the moment I heard them on radio. One of those songs that remind me of my time back in india.

She wanted me to guess the song from a piece of lyrics she sent me...which I recognized after a little thinkin and googling, leaving her astonished as I being the only guy knowing that song.

Now I googled the song cause i cant remember lyrics as much as music. So moment I heard the song I went like oohh I have heard this last year on radio...back in India. Next think she says is "bye". Why... we clicked... I was honest ... than why... just cause I am not from here?

Well I dont know if you will ever read this but trust me I bet your fore-fathers werent from here either. Why is it soo difficult for people to digest that everyone has a sense of music.  I can only say that she missed out on something amazing that she just turned away cause of her racist beliefs.

I think music binds the world and probably you are just a band mate and yes you were right.... "You are not a musician  indeed....".