Tuesday, September 7, 2010


aha...Lifes like this.....!!!

thats how complicated starts..........this avril song...I heard it a fter a long time today while browsing through youtube and it made me go back to my collage memories to the times when I had my first IPOD ( tow years back that is) Here I am today in states two continents away from my friends (one form the eastern shores of India) waiting for life to unfold itself.

Thats what happens when you dotn know what to do where to go....you wait for your life to unfold itself..... failurse on failures...make u weak just to make u stronger for future.

Changes and changes make your life like that of Nomads. Still you wait in silence for that one fine day when the world will bow to you..........

Still waiting and waiting and waiting......
peace out

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am so freaking frustrated with ma life!!!!!!!!!

Ohk I dont know what to do right now, Its so frustrating, no job....no study...no dance....no friends..why in this entire freaking world I am the only person free 24*7 with nothing to do. I know I have so much to do and I have so much I can do but I just dont end up doing anything and that is so lame.

Its like i have a pc I have those softwares why cant I just move my ass and plan a movie or make some graphic painting. I have GB's and GB's of books but no I still dont wanna read'em. I have like tonnes and tonnes of responsibility but still I am not doing anything.

Sitting hear typing (I dont know why) on this blog, writing (I-Dont-Know-Why) things that have no point what so ever. What next... I would rather buy a coffin and dig out a puddle put my self in it and ask someone to burry me.....oh wait BOREDOM AND LAZINESS HAS ALREADY DONE THAT FOR ME.

Why out of all the things I can do I am doing nothing, why inspite of a great potential and good ideas I end up just puting my lazy ass on the couch and do nothign but watch silly shows on TV.
The world arround me is running and runnig with a speed of light but me, I am still here sitting lazyly typing things which makes no sense what so ever inspite of knowing that I so...have got to proove to people around me that I am not just a facebook-chatting machine. UHH....is it just me or is it this phase or is it my life..whats WRONG....!!!
I end here before blogger gets a heavy weight of few MB's because of this post ( does that happen or is it something freaky I made up)