Thursday, December 17, 2009

the seductive eunuch!

Its been seven years i have used public transport in mumbai. All this years i came across..loads of funny experiences. Amidst all that nreve-wracking, breath taking, mind boggeling excess of traffic and congestion anytime anywhere a bunch of eunuchs askign for money was no longer a rare site. I personally hate beggers and Eunuchs, not becasue wat there condition is but becasue how can they lamely just go to a person and ask for money which is nt even theirs.
So I was in train coming back home from andheri, 2 pm was the time ...and like every just-finished-teenage I too was at the door of the compartment. Just then a eunuch climbed in. I dint bother much considerign it to be a mundane thing.
As soon as the train started she started clapping...(men I so hate that sound) asking for money but there was a strange mannerism in the way she was doing that. Generally they just ask money speak to thre words and leave but this seemed she was nt askign for money but soemmthing else. She was technically seducing the guy touching her not so normally...removing his cap acting playfull....never seen such a behaviour.......I dont knw why am I posting this but i just felt strange about this particular behaviour of hers. Hopefully before she could come on my side I had got down but I pittied the guy who was her first target. Strange
well so thts it for nw
God bless

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long time no see...

Hey guys....its been a long time i have blogged... so how are..,you? yes you...wassup men.....or should I ask like isabella (the phinease and ferb cartoon series fame)..."wATCHA dOING?"
Before I start being too boring letme put down a down low on my life my country and the world. So far countries are still debating the climate issues before it was who does it it is who should shell out more......
A part of my country is busy asking for new state..(again) when the rest of my country is bateling with high alert...of yet another terrorist attack......So may be next tiem I post...I will be from India......with 29 states......! dnt worry as of now lets celebrate 28 states hahaha! (if I am wrong correcct me....and do tell me tht I am a national shame who doesnt knw how many states does his country has)
Now me.....well was busy with movie project...and then presentation and now studies. My dad hapen to meet ma teachers..and trust me.....they screwed me.....royally..!! Four months left so tightening the belt and sitting for studies.......
So hows life at ur end...!