Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rhetoric monster!

OK after a close inspection of my awkward spellings, after being pin-pointed royally over facebook about how I made mexican..a MAXICAN..and...after realising how dis-respectfull it is to be smothered for wrong spelling on a ...I Spandan Pandya have finally decided to make sure I dont make a mistake in my so-called-articles and to see to it that I double check my post before pressing that publish-post button below.

I suddenly recollected how a person suffering fro mdyslexia would be feelinng.............. Khona jaye yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..!! taarein zameen par ........

ok sorry shouldnt make fun of someones dis-ability..... I am sorry..! appologize

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maxican delight.....

Ok ones I am in states Its pretty sure that I should not expect a level of spicy-ness that I had back there in India. But to my relief came something called maxican food.
Ok to be frank I was thrown to the world of maxican food at a really odd moment of my life when neither could I admit my liking towards it nor could I pretend to not like it (because i liked it too much).

Picture this u just entered states within three days u get a taste of maxican cuisine and just becasue u have visited a new place and u have a rept-to-protect u just cannot savour the taste and take it 10-20 times, so much for the curtousy.

I wish i get a taste of maxican food sooner or later cause watever it was it reminded me of was awsome!!.

til then all the lovers of maxican food...... voila [:p]! (i knw its nt a maxican word [:p])

ending with my post
love all
god bless
take care

Monday, July 12, 2010

from sufferborne....

20 days back I immigrated from India to the States and trust me I have never travelled so much in my life. In 20 days I have been to south virginia east virginia and northern border of north carolina (where I am writing my post from). nad so far I have experienced..the alcoholics..the drugists....the money savers....the gangsters..and also have had a crash course on how to handle a barren a small town with no growth...and popultion of 16,000....then leave that motel forever and ever...for acquiring a state of happily ever after but eventually reaching to a point where u dont knw where to go to.

It always fun to meet new people and to work and earn money. But wen the money u need to earn is forced upon u it is not that much of a fun thing. SO here I am with my familly...all of us royally kicked outta our house... enjoying the fact that we just left the work we were having just becasue its too early for us to face the attrocities of people who dotn even knw where they are and what they are doing.

as of now we are busy sufering the attrocities of being an immigrant-who-is-kickied-out-for-no-reason-watsover. And with this my confusing post ends....its been after a long time tht I have written.
love you all