Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four reasons why I still watch cartoons!!!

I am about to be 21 yr three months (wait let me count this is feb...then march then april and then yeah vola......exactly three months ....a bit less then tht..but ya watever) and at this age people are watching u knw stuffs...... u knw stuffs i mean those stuffs.....stuffs tht i cant mention.... or they are watching news..... or donno wat but not cartoons......but I ...I love watching cartoons i watch them all day.....if i am tired of studies....or may be if i just wanna have fun..watever....i watch cartoons...

I was watching chicken little today and I wondered why do i at an age where I am officially adult wherever i go.....I am still watching cartoons.

Pop!! came the answer which is as follows (lolz)

1. You see..... i am a science student and tht to i deal with cells... molecules...enzymes blah blah ma brain at the end is so tired of knowign these processes tht it wants sm entertainment.

2. Above luv for cartoon made me persue animation ( i knw its silly to do biochem on one hand and animation on doc says m using both ma brains.....heck yeah watever.....its ma brain hehehehhe ( sorry doc if u reading this) so u knw fr reference i watch cartoons

3. I am sick tired and technically frustrated after dealign with god knws how maney may be infinite number of ppl whole day telling me where m bad I am how irritating I networking u see.....but cartoons..they just tell u crazy i I watch cartoons......

4. This is most recent it seems i have started beign offline more often ven if m on facebook...i remain no no..not becasue my mam has joined in too.....nah never..just because i am just avoidign ppl now they just make me feel more and more if my existance was a big crime in there world....hell yeah as if i considered u ever..!!! so to keep the fun factor still alive i watch cartoons.

SO u see i watch stay keep ma self give my nervecells their deserving brake..and above all to give you all a break....form my talk talk talk talk.....and more of talk talk talk talk...hahahah!!!