Sunday, February 26, 2012

dear diary.... ya rite!

I was wondering today morning while watching this disney flick, is diary writing that much of a fun. I mean honestly as a kid I did try writing diary a few times but whenever I would start writing it I gave up on continuing it the next day. I always had this image that diaries are for girls... guys (stereotypes) dont need no diaries to share their feelings. It was untill now that I realized that it is for everyone.

So I decided to finaly start writing, but than I thought about my previous attempts to pen my life:epic failure, and figured out that I would rather use my phone to type in than to write. This post was written after typing in the first entry of latest of my many (failed) attempts of writting a diary.

It felt so good I could say whatever without being worried of offending anyone. I mean even if its a girl thing o something I dont see any harm in a guy wriiting his personal journal... I so enjoyed typing in that first entry. hope it continues.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

vlog and stuffs...

Recently I thought of shooting myself (not with a gun .... gosh seriuosly my blog isnt that annoying stfu meh!), and I was wondering if I should upload it on youtube. Anywho it done so no looking back now lol but I want you guys to check out my vlog ..... if it wrks i might strt postin more stuffs, not that i am sm big celeb o something, but just trying to reachout like everyone does.

heres the link