Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maxican delight.....

Ok ones I am in states Its pretty sure that I should not expect a level of spicy-ness that I had back there in India. But to my relief came something called maxican food.
Ok to be frank I was thrown to the world of maxican food at a really odd moment of my life when neither could I admit my liking towards it nor could I pretend to not like it (because i liked it too much).

Picture this u just entered states within three days u get a taste of maxican cuisine and just becasue u have visited a new place and u have a rept-to-protect u just cannot savour the taste and take it 10-20 times, so much for the curtousy.

I wish i get a taste of maxican food sooner or later cause watever it was it reminded me of india.....mmmm..it was awsome!!.

til then all the lovers of maxican food...... voila [:p]! (i knw its nt a maxican word [:p])

ending with my post
love all
god bless
take care

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