Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to be a bad friend?

Ok you might have heard many how-to-do’s, like how to be intelligent, how to be smart Etc. Well here is another such uncommon and funny member of the how-to-do community, how to be a bad friend. Ok we all try to be a good friend of someone we admire the most, but don’t you think sometimes being a bad friend helps! Like we need to fight with someone and need to bitch about someone on occasional bases don’t we.

I have a friend, no matter how much I try explaining him about how my life is way too hectic to chill out with him he doesn’t seem to understand only. Another friend of mine doesn’t seem to understand the fact that he is actually having some good talents. Some friends are way too obscure to talk about. And others they don’t come out of the prognostications. For me I can’t stand a friend who always keeps prying in your life, and can’t understand you. These are the typical bad-friends-types that are not rare species.

I thought this will be a good point to ask my generation what according to them a bad friend is surprisingly I got some strange views:
According to a friend of mine if a person is your friend only because he wants something of you then he is a very bad friend, another friend of mine thinks that the person who does not consider you as your friend is a bad friend, If u r bad for someone then he is bad for you, a friend who is happy to be with is a good friend......... else he is bad to be with.

So one thing is for sure no matter how much you try to take things positively sometimes negativity is necessary. By now I realize this one particular fact that being a good or a bad friend is nothing rare in today’s world. This entire good friend and bad friend system is in self a relative term. Every individual has different criteria for friend those who don’t fit in these criteria are your bad friends.

If we generalize this we can say that there is nothing as Good friends and bad friends a good friend for me can be a bad friend for someone else..and vice versa. But yeah we do have to get some spice, and some challenges (as I would like to say) and hence we do need some villains in our life. So for a bad friend a perfect guide is try to find someone whom you hate the most might be he /she is your next door neighbor. Whatever it is I would like to say one thing, you should have someone whose qualities don’t fit the bill. The final verdict is Friends are always not for the good sometimes you need BAD FRIENDS!!

Bad manners of friendship:
1) Picture this you are deep in your work and suddenly your friend just jumps over and starts blabbering around for nothing you warn him ones he doesn’t listen to you, you warn him second times he doesn’t seem to be excepting your tantrum, you even insult him way to badly but still he doesn’t budge from his not-so-important stupid talks. One thing, don’t understand your friend’s situation you will be a great bad-friend.

2) “Ok I want you to leave alone for a while so please don’t bug me” This is something my friend told me the other day when I was just sitting beside him and I didn’t leave him alone. Result: Loads of tantrums followed by three days of apology, too much of time waste instead I should have heard him and left him alone. Second kindly just stick to your pal when he wants to be alone or he asks for a privacy…you will be a bad friend for sure.

3) Rest all are relative so kindly check your nearest human to know what qualities you require to be a BAD FRIEND!!

So till you make few bad friends try to have fun with good ones and share this idea with them as well.
Good Day and God Bless
Adios amigos!


  1. I look very mean in front of my friends sometimes...means I'm a good friend. :D