Thursday, July 3, 2008

Follow or Dont follw!!!

Rules....Regulations, these words has been with and arround us since the time we were born. Everything in this world is bounded by a set of rules.We went to kinder-garden, the building blocks of ruless school the never-ending saga of punishment were unforgetteble i suppose..and why were these punishments..for breaking rules!, college ok a bit of freedom but even here rulse never left us infact they were more gross then what we had till school level. It was like transfer of rules from a set of what we were following to a set of new rules. In our generation Rules are said to be those things which are ment to be broken. Why? Why do we make rulse just to break them. One thing that doesnt manage to penetrate my mind is that Why are rules made? Are we humans so stupid that we need to manually inforce rules on each other. Has the apex of Living Kingdom, the man, not managed to imbibe the ability to follow things without making rules. Has our understanding power degraded to the level that we cant understand the way things should be tackeled? In early times people were not bounded by rules and even if there were rules, they were half mentioned rules with rest left to the self-understanding but then during those times life was not about any-day riot-any day-terror. Life during that time was not about proffesionalism and workoholism. As time passes by life is becoming more and more complex and with the increasing complexity, life is getting more and more bounded by rules. For those who dont like personal advice..( I know I u are not bounded to listen to my advices but stillincase u feel like following) either break them or its better u turn urself into an ameoba! So till i end up here again with some other article keep breaking rules...

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