Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beatign of the calories......!

I severly (i knw it may nt be 'the correct word') hate people who gym...the GYMING CULTURE as i would call them. The basic reason...well I dont know I just hate them i feel they are too much into show-off and stuffs like that and anyways anythign which invlolves rigourous body building which inturn involves disturbiing ur normal body structure is a big NO!!NO!! for me.

Now here the big dope......I started gyming two days back.....
I mean yeah you will be cursing me rite nw but trust me I still hate body builders.
Ok heres the reason , a month back my mom decided to do soemthing about her fitness and so she joined a gym. A lot of functionalities in her body especially her joints improved after wards. This entire situation gave me a new insight to gyming....nd i quiet understood tht gyming is nt just a silly body-shapping-despo-zone but it is a great way of maintaining fitness and cutting down the calories especially for those who dont go out much (ppl like me hahahaah).

So after knowing a new meanign of gyming and suffering a total humiliation of a big belly (tht I have) i finally thought of wearign those shoes and climb on tht tread mill.

[psst: I still feel yoga is a better option since it has a long lasting effect....]


  1. Gyms are good, but atmosphere of gyms is not of my kind, so I am setting up a home-gym.

    I agree with the show-off thing. lol

  2. Cant really say coz i am not really the gymming kind :) But yeah gymming helps you stay fit and not just put on muscle