Friday, May 14, 2010

wanna be or dont wanna be :D

OKK there two different things... one is peer pressure and other is peer-influence. The basic diference is that previuos one is forcfull change employed on you and the later one is a change u imbibe unknowingly within your self due to ur peers.
Now why are we talking abotu this....well simple in ma previuos post i used the term "ma" instead of "my" and becasue of this a friend of mine (let me give him a credit too....its shishir SAIS) popped up with a link which led me to a facebook page stating: '"ABEY 'MY' ko 'MA' likhney sey angrezz nahi ban jayega wanna be "
Seriuosly I was not trying to be a wanna be but it is just a peer-influence (no did u get why i started my post with wat i started my post with) and so i thought of posting about this here........vollaa.....yeah ....lolz....!! technically m bored rite nw ...and SAIS thanks for pointing out osemthing to me....good going u r my true well wisher!! hahahaahah!!

SO let me stop post here...!!!
take care
keep rocking

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