Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am so freaking frustrated with ma life!!!!!!!!!

Ohk I dont know what to do right now, Its so frustrating, no friends..why in this entire freaking world I am the only person free 24*7 with nothing to do. I know I have so much to do and I have so much I can do but I just dont end up doing anything and that is so lame.

Its like i have a pc I have those softwares why cant I just move my ass and plan a movie or make some graphic painting. I have GB's and GB's of books but no I still dont wanna read'em. I have like tonnes and tonnes of responsibility but still I am not doing anything.

Sitting hear typing (I dont know why) on this blog, writing (I-Dont-Know-Why) things that have no point what so ever. What next... I would rather buy a coffin and dig out a puddle put my self in it and ask someone to burry me.....oh wait BOREDOM AND LAZINESS HAS ALREADY DONE THAT FOR ME.

Why out of all the things I can do I am doing nothing, why inspite of a great potential and good ideas I end up just puting my lazy ass on the couch and do nothign but watch silly shows on TV.
The world arround me is running and runnig with a speed of light but me, I am still here sitting lazyly typing things which makes no sense what so ever inspite of knowing that I so...have got to proove to people around me that I am not just a facebook-chatting machine. it just me or is it this phase or is it my life..whats WRONG....!!!
I end here before blogger gets a heavy weight of few MB's because of this post ( does that happen or is it something freaky I made up)

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