Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It was shocking to see the response..!!!

OK guys when I moved to states I left back a lot of stuffs, thinking that I will never get to see these things again...... one of them was cricket especially tension and fun in winning the cup...... Trust me over this even today I do not know how to play that game ( I know I am d worst thing that ever happened to India), but I still hate that game cause its overly popularized and has suppressed other original Indian games. However, I do understand how the game works (common I dont wanna get crucified I lived their for 21 years).... and the best part about that game is when there is a match between India and Pakistan or a match between India and Australia.... (I would mention england too but huh... never-mind).

I do find any game in this world stupid ....yeah that does involve football also....but than there is a different feeling to see your team I would love to see JETS winning in football..... MAN-U winning in soccer and...INDIA winning in cricket....thats all.... especially against Pakistan... I mean yeah they are neighbors....I am a peace lover and I love every country in this world and their countrymen (mostly women but lets not think about that rite now)... but still....ITS WORLD CUP... But then INDIA is born to win and I was not shocked to see them winning but what was even more shocking was somewhere there was a craze about that in people United states.... seriously people in US follow this game and they know how important is India-pakistan match.

Its crazy and strange to see people who have never seen anything beyond a touch down to burn cracker when Pakistan was clean bowled by my boys....I am sorry for being GAMEIST (bias against games that is)...its not that I hate it..I love football.....seriuosly its fun....but its strange to see a totally unexpected group of people to cheer for my country and to understand the seriuosness of Indo-pak match.....seriuosly.... it is really really really.....strange I am out of words (that explains the use of the word "strange" like about thousands of time till now......REPETATION )

So all my fellow INDIAN-AMERICANS cheers to you and congrats for a great win today....
Luv alll
peace out

[Ps: I am sorry if anyone got affected by this i was not trying to offend anyone or target a group of people or differentiate or discriminate.... its just fun]

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