Tuesday, January 3, 2012

what if the world does not end!

So I was at home having my morning tea thinking that 2012 is here, an epic year as it is believed to be the final year of our planet " as CALCULATED by few". Now for ones I never believed it because considering all science fiction till now and even #Nostradamus...it will be unfair to them if we do not fulfill everything they showed us.

I mean common poor thing Nostradamus has predicted so many thing that are yet to be fulfilled (apparently there is a Nostradamus.org freaking strange...Nostradamus society of america....Nostradamus e-book online...what da!! ...OK! do not Google Nostradamus at all...... do check http://www.nostradamuspredictions.org seems interesting to me)

For instance a lot of sci-fi's showed teleporting as a means of traveling....common I want to do that...so no the world is not ending. On a serious note, word "END" can mean a lot of things......what if end of world has a different meaning...what if it means a total change, or a spiritual revelation. What if it is something like the black eyed peas quote in their song "boom-boom-pow" its an end of one world and beginning of other...(no they are not descendants of Nostradamus in no way are they nostra-grand-grand-babies!! so do not think that)

So what I am trying to say is let the moment decide what it holds for us..sometime predicting things gives us a lot of trouble and creates unnecessary confusions for no reason what so ever...why would someone want to predict end of a beautiful planet like earth... haven't we given the poor earth a hard time already by dwelling on it... stop scaring the shit out of her.. (#respect for mother nature). Anywho whether or not earth is ending this 12/21 is for "earth" to decide and not us. Lets just mind our own business and move on and party like never before (remember independence day the movie...everyone was on top of a building waiting for the green folks to suck them up...).

[PS:Information, websites and beliefs are not my personal views...I am not saying any of the things mentioned on the website.......secondly IMAGE CURTSY: http://garciamedialife.com/2011/05/20/just-in-case-the-world-ends-saturday/ and thirdly....peace I approve the blog post and do not account for truthfulness of contributions other than mine as even I don't know how true these websites are (no offense guys) .....finally too much of a fat note i believe..so enjoy and happy new year)]

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