Saturday, January 28, 2012

...addiction...nd friction!

I always wondered how it is to be a part of an addiction. The idea of being so lost into something that you forget rest everything in the world makes me kinda curiuos. That high you get ... that never ending feeling to quench your need to an extend that it educes your darkside to the world, renders you vulnerable, making you look like a weak despo bitch.

I realised that since last few years I was already having an addiction, (not that 3 am hot coffee at dunkin...). Something that started off in order to make me social but instead ended up making me an antisocial slowly and gradually, texting. It was like that over the counter drug, available to the masses. I started getting hooked up to it like everyone. Than came the next level of addiction social networking, bringing with itself a different feeling of a need to be outstanding in what you "update". How you update was more important than what you update. Soon you are all over the world, yet so lost in keeping up to your "social network", that you loose touch with reality.

Than came a different world all together the world where texting collided with social networks, its like mixing marijuana with ganja (parden me for using drug names). Texting and networking with virtual society became a habbit and soon turned into a need so much so that u start thriving for responses. People around you sense your darkest self , no one cares to alert you they just ignore and move on. The emotional torture, that feeling of not being accepted by "friends" make you weaker and weaker.

I had reached my end point.. friction between my self and my frustrated friends was killing me from within. tried deactivating my social profiles, turning off my cellphones but got back in ten days (like staying clean for few months than starting to do drugs again). Failed in my career not like totally, lost confidence in my self everything came one after another. Thats when i realized that its enough if I dont act now I will never come out of this. So here I am deactivating most of my virtual self. Trying to look for a distruction button so that one press and kaboom! goes my addiction to socialize.



(ps: kindly avoid mistakes ...i am not a freakin shakespere so..nd ya this was posted frm my phn so if u see touchpad errors like spellin issues... deal with it nd move on bitch! thank you) 

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